Friday, 30 November 2012

Tinkering with... Warlords Panzer II

Continuing on a theme, with another cold winter night prohibiting me using the airbrush in the shed I thought I'd finish off some Panzer II's I had started a while back. These are now from Warlord but the masters were previously BEF/Chieftain/ ex-Ian Crouch, to be fair I these are decent masters but not up to the current standard seen with Warlord, I was a bit non-plussed with them, hence their enforced deferment whilst I considered my options. The Panzer II is a fairly plane vehicle and generally not heavily stowed so I had my work cut out in order to make these bespoke.

Anyway List of Mods;

1) Standard clean, fill and sand
2) now standard thinning down of track guards
3) added representative Aerial points and aerials
4) small variety of stowage
5) Rear air identification flag from foil
6) Individual wire handles for the tool clamps
7) Engine plate handle
8) Opened up and added visors ( turret and hull)
9) New hatch made for commander version
10) Clamps for spare roadwheel
11) Front tow hooks added, glaring omission this one I'm afraid
12) addition of rear smoke dischargers ( sorry, couldn't find any chain fine enough for the caps)
13) added the holes on the exhaust muffler
14) Additional Spade
15) Addition of Jerry Cans and frame

I also added a Warlord Kubel (with the addition of Company B crew set and minor mods, note I've fabricated a separate windscreen with clear plastic insert for the glass) and two Black Tree Designs outriders, these have been pinned to "The Kings Armourer" cobble bases.

These are now in the priming and base coating process. Two fine coats of Halfords Plastic primer, not really needed for Warlord Resin, but essential for any of the American resins. If you use the grey version it gives you the advantage of being able to see any imperfections and chance to rectify.  This is then left for 24hrs in warm room ( i.e not my shed) to cure, then two fine coats of Halfords Matt Black and again 24 hrs to cure. As the last part in the process, I then touch up with Humbrol enamel Matt Black using a brush and yes another 24 hours..... Of course after the primer stage you could go straight in with one of the many coloured base coats now available.
[commission work]

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