Monday 4 May 2009

F.A.Q - New feature

I always try and share tips and techniques, unfortunately most of the answers are distributed in private emails and across various fora. I will now try and post the answers here, any questions just email me. I will add these will be just my take on things, i'm sure there are hundreds of ways for skinning these particular cats

Scratches and Scrapes

I also use an airbrush for the basecoat on my WWII tanks, then, for Germans, airbrush the camo on. From there, I usually drybrush with a lighter shade of Dunkelgelb, drybrush on dirt, then I’m done.I notice with YOUR models you have lot’s of small “nicks”, which seem to be black. Also, I’ve seen your models with great scratches running along the sides, just like a modern car would if it was driving through the woods. How do you achieve these effects?

[Troop writes] I have been experimenting with the well known technique of "dabbing" paint by using blister pack foam. Simply load the foam, dry off and dab on areas of high wear, less is more. This is then augmented with balck/hull red/dark brown applied with a detail brush. This part is laborious and best done in stages, put down, leave and then revisit. Its far to easy to overdo these bits. Finally scratches are "highlighted" using a light tone ( grey, light olive, khaki and yellow all work for OD) . This is just to give a light edge to some of the scratches, this is an out of scale technique but adds to the overall effect.


Also, I’m guessing from looking at your models you’re using the airbrush for shading? I’d love to hear how you pull that off as well.

[Troop writes] For the OD vehicles, i start from a base black coat. Then use a darkened OD and spray out from the centre of any panels. The effect you are after is to leave some of the black showing through around the panel edges. Then use OD and do exactly the same but leaving some of the darkened OD showing, as you lighten the OD you get to a light point in the centre of the panel. If you get confident you can also lighten the top edges of panels and top surfaces for extra fading. An alternative method is to use your normal OD coat and then spray a wash colour ( raw umber) around the panel edges. This needs to be heavily thinned and is a bit more tricky, again less is more and work up to taste!. I also find the paint can often dry a lighter colour than when spraying so often stop and let dry to see the effect.


I'm experimneting with various diferent paints, Tamiya, Model Air and Vallejo Air. Tamiya is by far the easiest to work with, the other two have better colours but are very thin, this means a several sweep approach that can can be tricky on the smaller scale german camo.

Cleaning and Storage

Ref storage, i clean through as normal, each clean i pull the needle as well. Start with ditching the paint left in the cup, fill the cup with water dilute reside and ditch x 2. Hopefully i then have no paint bits in the cup i then use airbrush cleaner dilute and ditch, when confident no stray bits, blow through. As a final touch i spray some of the foaming airbrush cleaner in a can. Dissassemble and clean. On resassembly again some cleaner then half a cup blown through of water. As i can leave set up in the shed and its used frequently i usually leave some cleaner in the cup put the lid on and store upright in a holder. Its rarely put away dry, but woudljust miss the last step if i did.

Sunday 3 May 2009


I'm afraid i'm going to have to shut shop to new customers.

My existing customers and a couple of new guys and girls mean my time is fully booked for a couple of months. Whilst most people know i dont operate a production line, rather batch work according to colours and techniques, i feel i'll loose any flexibility i have if I take on anything else.

As always i will try and accomodate existing customers, and that includes any recent email discussions.

Some finished commissions in my flickr galleries, a large 15mm Peter Pig Kampfgruppe and three commissions worth of Ardennes Armour, mainly Company B and BAM. More sets close on their heels and the first finished units for next years Salute.

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