Saturday 19 November 2011

German Staff Car - Before and After......

Another desk clear out (to ebay) item.

I picked these two resin models up at Colours two years ago, subsequently forgot about them, finished them about six months ago and then they got unceremoniously shoved in a drawer (Now that my gaming tastes have converted to 15mm). 

I don't recall the manufacturer but these where amongst loads of fantasy and Sci-fi terrain so these seemed a little out of place.  These are clearly 20mm, but can't really be called scale models as the detail is quite niave in places but they make really great terrain "fluff" and the one piece castings are ideal for gaming.

Interestingly, three of us at the same show, bought them independently, all thought they would be extremely usefull, subsequently I have seen quite a few scattered around gaming tables.

I am guessing these are some sort of generic Citroen-type civilian car, which as you can see, I have painted up as a German staff car, before and after an fatal incident, saboteur, assassin, ambush or low flying strafing, who knows....

Anyway up on ebay, one not so careful owner.....

( If anyone knows the manufacturer, can you let me know and i'll give them appropriate credit)

Friday 18 November 2011


Milicast Hellcat and crew, to be honest forgot i had this one lurking around, now off to ebay to fund Kiddies xmas presents, some more stuff coming up.

Current FOR SALE items

1/56 Weasel
Will update soon, contact me for details

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