Friday 8 September 2017

Tinkering....D-Day wading Sherman MK 1 ARV WIP #2

Some more fettling, added the two wading stacks and started the basic stowage load out.

Am happy enough with the angle son these, my reference sources vary so with blueprints these are a good compromise.

Re-used a few of the S&S parts, note the temporary stowage for the rear stowage box.

Now its looking like how I envisioned it, a few more hours with fine details but the bulk of the build is done.

The eagle eyed may notice the spruce colour change for the running gear. I decided to use the sapre set in the Rubicon M4E8, why? two reasons:

a) detail is better, wheels now have an undercut.
b) means I can use the warlord tracks for the hull!

Strange bird!

Saturday 2 September 2017

Tinkering.. D-Day wading Sherman Mk 1 ARV

WIP Sherman (Mk III) Mk 1 ARV - D-Day

Been bitten by the Sherman curse again! I started with wanting to do a Sherman ARV following my S&S Cromwell ARV up on flicker...on doing research I though why not a wading Sherman for D-Day, so I thought, easy 2x S&S conversion sets and two M4A4 and we're off.......

It seems the majority of Commonwealth Shermans used on D-Day were M4A2 (Sherman III) which points towards a M4A2 being my preferred option for this build ( as opposed to an M4A4). The problem now was converting a spare Warlord M4 into an M4A2, which basically is a new engine deck and rear end, oh well here we go...

Starting positions, M4 Hull.

After bit of tinkering, removed the awful molded-on tow cable, the lifting points and rear engine deck parts. Also removed the additional armour plates which would add protection to the ammunition racks, clearly not needed on an ARV!

Refashioned a new rear end and filled in the existing hatch moldings. Tools will be removed later

Bit of a jump  now; originally was going to use the S&S turret cover but decided it was cleaner to reconstruct, so:

a) new turret hatch cover and hatches
b) initial wading truck added
c) Lifting points redone with wire
d) front stowage arrangements added
e) my favorite! the vice!
f) made three tow wires and stowed them
g) added S&S parts, where not remade.

note: the two figures are from the S&S 1/56 British tankers set, an excellent set in pixie suits, I will be modifying obviously ( no pixie suits in June!)

Close up of the hull front, not entirely sure what the rod assemblies were for, they look like station posts?, anyway made them up as per references.

Quick shot of the rear, you can see the re-scribed engine hatches, rear wood block stowages and added the extra fuel points. The actual grill just needs to be representative at this stage as I will add the wading stack and water proofing.

And finally, well for this weekend anyway ( Russkies to assemble and paint!), added two S&S Models crewmen for show!

This one is a "for fun" build, I feel a need for these to keep my skills in, and interest up and I love a challenge, probably not my best commercial decision, i.e time and resources for a vehicle used in one action!

As always with Shermans, something will always bite me, so if I've got anything incorrect just shout!

Next up the interesting bit, the rear wading trunks!

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