Tuesday 26 April 2011

Stug IV

another popular paint, i guess because it looks menacing and has a very low profile. Spent a bit of time on this to make it different to the previous ones. Added additional track sections ( JTFM stowage) together with attachment points ( most people forget that historically they weren't glued on!), loads of stowage on the rear deck, mainly JTFM IIRC. Schurzen is fiddly but now Jeff does seperate track and plate section, not for everybody but looks great when "distressed", note the salvaged plate hurriedly chucked on the rear deck so its not lost in the hedgerows. The TC is the Warlord "Wittman" figure in the infamous leather U-boat jacket. I've gone for a more subdued overall camo on this, i think this relects more realistic field conditions without looking like its been in a french scrapeyard for years. Bit more tricky to pull off but i'm happy with it, maybe not enough contrast for the gaming community though :o).

Aerials are my current choice of stretched sprues......

As always more detailed pics in my flickr galleries, link to the right .

Sunday 24 April 2011

Cutest AFV this Year!

Been waiting on this one for a while ( and an RSO, anybody, anybody). JTFM goodness in the form of a 1/56th Luchs, should be popular this one ideal for skirmish level gaming. The TC, star aerial and bucket come with it along with some assorted stowage.

As always more detailed pictures in my flickr galleries: Troop of Shewe Gallery

Post publish note: the star aerial comes as a one piece resin cast, it is fragile and to be fair needs a little cleaning. In this case i removed the main shaft and replaced with wire, i then drilled the aerial mounting so the aerial can come out for posting. The turret aerial is flame stretched sprue, for gaming i recommend decorating brush hairs as they are very flexible but retain their shape.

Wednesday 20 April 2011

"Ruckmarsch" Sdkfz 251/D

I always enjoy a change from the norm, and this beauty from Bolt Action /Warlord Games pleased me no end. It is the BAM 251/D but with some well thought out and nicely sculpted battle damage (nice one Olaf). It depicts a vehicle hit several times, i assume low calibre, and then rifled by advancing troops. It comes as a two piece sculpt (Upper Chassis and Wheels and tracks base) and as you see it (but unpainted of course!) As usual with the BAM display models, nothing added by me bar the paper flotsam.

I've painted this generically, with no div marking or three digit ID, but just as common only the number plates and weight stencil (Archer). For the keen eyes amongst you, you will notice the SS number plate and therefore I've painted the draped canvas as belted up SS zeltbahn, distinctly different from the Wehrmacht cousins.

Click on the images for "full fat" or for more candy check the galleries link:

Sunday 10 April 2011

SAS Jeeps North West Europe

A side project for me, two conversions on the Bolt Action Airborne Jeep models into their SAS counterparts, as used in North West Europe. Perfect for those rearguard harassing actions and small scale skirmishes.

Modifications included the additional fuel tank(s) in the back, front and rear armoured plates, multiple K-guns mounts and bespoke stowage, even an "acquired" Luger in the back of one. The K guns are a mixture of spares box Company B on one model, and extra ones supplied by Paul at Warlord. I think the bren was a metal BAM one, but you can now get the plastic weapons sprues separately so I'd start there next time. The red/fluorescent patch on the command jeep is to assist recognition for air dropped supplies.

Click on the pictures for detailed views, else more extensive pictures in my Flickr galleries  http://www.flickr.com/photos/troop-of-shewe/sets

I've had my fun with them so they need new homes now, poa,


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