Monday 3 June 2013

Tinkering with.... Warlord Sdkfz 251/C into a Sdkfz 251/17

Been waiting on this conversion for a while, previously resin based 251 versions have made the conversion difficult, however with the advent of the plastic Warlord 251/C it is finally achievable.

The 2cm flak is care of Company B, although Warlord have one coming in the wings.

This is as far as I have got this session, am waiting on more deck tread for gun platform so it will be a week or two before any further progression.

This is the bare bones, the Warlord 251 and the Company B 2cm Flak, from Bob @ The Wargames Command Post
All the bits taken off the sprues
The basic hull with the initial cut outs.
My last piece of decktread :o( clearly not enough.......
The side panels have been fabricated from plasticard and the bench has been halved to show the open ends. As you can see I have removed the rear doors.

This shows the left hand side platform, main deck and gun mount. And finally, where I've stopped for now.


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