Saturday 21 April 2012

Panzer-Lehr-Division's 316th Funklenk Panzer Company

Bit of a diversion, these two. I had two Tiger B (King Tiger - Porsche Turreted) pre-paints, not entirely sure of their origins, but clearly 1/76th, I wasnt really happy with them, so I decided to repaint to align with some excellent photo references I had found on the web whilst researching a another Tiger B commision,  The Porsche turretted Tigers saw limited use (and action) in with the  Panzer- Lehr, 316th Funklenk Panzer Company. There is now photographic evidence of most of their individual fates.

As you can see I painted tanks "10" and "11" as per the excellent illustrations on the following site:

and in line with the pictures at:

I've had my fun with these two now, so open to offers, before they go to the "reserves" drawer, or ebay......

As always loads of full fat pictures on my Flickr.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Panther A, Southern Germany, January 1945,

Great subject this one, legitimate use of judicious weathering! The concept was taken from an a picture of an unknown Panther, January '45, Southern Germany. The Panther ( albeit a G in the picture) had obviously seen a rough winter, with a hastily and now wearing whitewash pattern applied over what looks like a three tone, or possible ambush scheme. The whitewash looks as if it was applied with a broom, so hopefully I've pulled off the effect here. As I'm always asked when whitewash is involved, yes, the hairspray technique was used, amongst others.....

This is Warlord Games display one, so hopefully it'll be out as Salute, unfortunately I wont be this year, maybe 2013 for a demo come-back who knows.

As always, lots more "full fat" warts and all picture in my flickr gallery, link to the right
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Monday 16 April 2012

"PanzerKnacker" - HS129 & JU87

A change is as good as a rest, albeit only a slight change. Here we have some 15mm ( 1/200th) Aircraft models from Armaments in Miniatures (AIM). Great service from David, over the pond, and lovely miniatures. Some clean up is required but nothing out of the ordinary. Two Ju 87s and one HS129. With the Stukas I recessed an earth magnet on each to accept a flight stand, you can just make out the outline under the fuselage. With the HS129, I had both the 37mm and 75mm weapon pods so, again, I recessed earth magnets so the cannons can be swapped out.

Unfortunately, they suffered from silvering on the decals, despite the usual precautions. Couple of things I'd do different and improve on next time, but an enjoyable change from armour modelling.

So much so that I ordered a flight of Typhoons, which will look the bees knees when complete.

As always many more pics on my Flickr:


 HS 129 with 75mm weapon pod in place (above), and (below) shows the location plugs for both assemblies, and you can just make out the earth magnet. The final picture shows the 37mm pod fitted.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Sherman Platoon - Normandy

20mm Iterali Kits with AB crew figures. These have taken a while to come through, reasonably fiddly builds with quite a lot time spent working on getting the stowage to look right and stowed believably. The weathering is a combination of techniques that I have been experimenting with to reflect that faded and dusty look rather than the "en vogue" intense chipping, getting the right  context really sets an AFV collection off. I am really happy with these although next time I will probably swap out the .50 calls for metal ones. Aerials omitted due to the rigours of postage.

As always loads of full fat ( and more) pictures in my flickr galleries.

Oh and as a blatant plug for you 20mm fans, I have started to shift my older 20mm gaming figures on to ebay, currently up there is a 20mm FAA German Platoon.

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