Friday 14 March 2014

M4A2 update #3

On the vinegar strokes now........

- engine deck finished
- rear plate finished 
- weld seams updated

Am waiting on a 75mm turret to match up but that's the hull done, will be off to warlord for consideration.

And finally my non-plussed cat.....

Monday 10 March 2014

M4A2 hull - work in progress #2

Bit more completed on this one. 
- rear exhaust assembly
- direct vision assemblies
- started rear engine deck
- final drive assembly recreated
- attempted weld lines.... Jury is out at moment.

As always comments welcome


Am now happier with the weld rendition, should paint up lovely, added the following this evening;

- front tow points
- lifting points all round
- rear plate rivets and track tensioner

Sunday 2 March 2014

I flippin hate Shermans!

They are a rivet counters dream! Have always been a nightmare for me, no matter what you research, there will always be something left for comment. 

Anyway, I need two NZ M4A2 Sherman III  so had a route around and a reread of the excellent "Son of Sherman" book and started hacking a warlord m4a4 around!

Shortened hull, sanded front glasis and modified engine deck 

The warlord m4a3 track set will fit so I think I'm on to a winner! Next up will be the engine deck, the louvres being a particular challenge........

Comments welcome, need all the help I can get with shermans! 

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