Sunday 30 October 2011

25 pdr Crew and Quad Gun Tractor

As posted earlier, not much coming through recently, some issues at home that have diverted my painting time, so here's a post of a September Commision, not previously plastered up on the forums.

The Warlord 25pdr set, is lovely, I have modified the GT with the addition of canvas tilt and frame, traversing wheel brackets and some odds and sods. There was a requirement for removal of crew, so i knocked up a simple base, crew are on "penny" washers.

I have a boatload of German and Allied vehicles in progress, its just a bit slow at the moment.
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Friday 28 October 2011

Slow Week - Unforseen Delays

I had some holiday booked to complete some "almost there" commisions, unfortunately I have had some unforseen issues at home to deal with that has diverted my time this week. Good news is that things are on the mend, so hopefully I will be back up and running [painting] soon.

On another front, my foray into 15mm gaming has officially started. I intend using BFWW2 rules and will start with Normandy, although my heart is in the Ostfront. The BFWW2 forum has some excellent scenarios and OOBs, which allows me to concentrate on painting. I am focussing around Hill 112 scenarios, for starters and as you might expect will aim have the vehicles decaled and painted up for specific units. To that end my first carrier platoon has arrived from skytrex, and i must say i'm impressed. I intend to paint to fund this so will be doing paint-alongs as i go, so expect to see a lot more 15mm coming through next year.

I am also going to experiment with basing my 15mm vehicles, something I never thought I would say but i think will permit lovely little vignettes and ultimately tie in with the Infantry.

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