Monday 28 March 2011

1/56th Beasts!

Whilst not the biggest vehicles painted to date (that accolade goes to the BEF Minis Char 2D) these two resin kits from JTFM are beauties. Minor mods on the track plates, but essentailly as they come. Hopefully Jeff will have some zimmeritted versions out soon for their earlier deployments.

Sunday 27 March 2011

Bolt Action Sdkfz 222

A re-release from Warlord Games, this time without the base. I much prefer this no base approach and look forward to some more old favorites becoming so unencumbered! The 222 is a lovely little kit, here made with no mods at all, grenade screens modelled shut as requested. I do note however the Herr Grabner figure fits just nicely in the turret if you open them up, maybe a little project for the future.

Saturday 26 March 2011

Am i still working.....

Answer is yes, I'm just not publicising my work as much. I am coming to the end of a lengthy house extension which has severely eaten into my painting time (i also have a real job). This has prolonged some scheduled commissions, and as i don't paint serially, oddly not affected others. Over the next couple of months i will be focussing on finishing these.

Additionally, moving forward I am reviewing my strategy on commission work, with a focus towards:
  • Existing Customers
  • Ensuring the Highest Quality available
  • Providing interest for myself
  • Appeasing my family
  • 15mm WW2 gaming
  • Print articles

I expect this will result in a lower commission outturn, but with a focus on high quality and bespoke work, including conversions, and a start into 54mm and 90mm figure painting. I will however be painting 28mm, 15mm and 20mm AFVs as takes my interest, with a view on coherent projects ( i,e 15mm Villers Bocage vignette set) which will ultimately be for sale.

If you are interested in finding out when these are available, as they are available, then drop me a line and i'll notify you as and when. This is probably the easiest and quickest method of owning some of my work.

I am also clearing out my projects ( painted and unpainted) that just will never see the light of day, mainly on ebay, so keep a look out.

As always my flickr account (gallery link) contains all recent work, including increasingly work in progress (WIP) pictures. The photstream to the right contains the latest pictures.


Current FOR SALE items

1/56 Weasel
Will update soon, contact me for details

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