Sunday 30 August 2009

RMASG Centaur & Arnhem "Beute" HumberIV

These have been completed for a while, although held back as they are BAM/Warlords show ones. Two releases , Humber painted as Grabners Humber (conjecture) for Arnhem and a Centaur painted as 2 Battery RMASG ( Royal Marine Armoured Assualt Group). I used 1/76 Dan Taylor modelworks transfers, quiet fiddly but seeing as i was crowbariing 1/76 onto 1/56 it was expected.

Click on the Images for full size, full detail views.

more pics in my flickr galleries.

Sunday 16 August 2009

Turkish Brigade - Russo Turkish War

Another in a continuing commission, majority Outpost Miniatures, run down as follows:

Foot General - Askari Miniatures
Mounted Command - Perry Miniatures
Field Gun - Old Glory
Artillery crew - Askari Miniatures
Foot Officer waving sword - Eureka Miniatures
All other foot and officers - Outpost Wargames Services.

The Outpost sculptor, Martin Baker, has certainly excelled with these figures. They have lovely detail, poising and style, recommended.

The horses and standards are my first run with the airbrush on non-AFVs, certainly the way forward.


Saturday 1 August 2009

Eureka moments.......and Ultrasonic Baths!

After some hesitancy, and in the pouring rain, i trooped down to the garden shed to do some airbrushing. Its a job i had put off for a while as it was "new territory" for me - Horses! For a while now i have been noticing the excellent results Ioannis (leuthan journal) has been acheiving by airbrushing his horses and knew i had to try it out. I suppose the problem isn't really the airbrushing but getting the combination of colours right and a fine enough spray for final detailing, this was the problem as i'm setup for OD and dunkelgelb. Anyways, i got started and whilst not perfect first time round it is clearly the only way to go, subtle transitions suit horses down to a "T", definatley 100% converted. ( pics mid week).

Whilst on a reasonable high i thought i'd also try out my lastest ebay purchase, an Ultrasonic Cleaner. I diligently cleaned the airbrush as normal and quiet simply put it in the ultrasonic bath for a three minute cycle. On reopening i was surprised at the accumulation of crud that it had removed, and i thought it was clean! This will now become a regular routine as well. Recommended.

Battered and Bruised T-34's

Army Group North, Early Version T34's. Painted to represent an amalgamated troop, there is subtle changes in shade, wear and tear and markings between the vehicles to betray their original units, although not too sure the pics show that off too well. click on the images for bigger pictures, as always more pics in my flickr galleries

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