Saturday 23 May 2020

Tinkering with M7 Priest Kangaroo #3

Finally! Had some time today whilst waiting for a lacquer coat to dry. Finished up the kangaroos and crews, this set certainly wins the prize as the worst estimate of work and time required! Anyways, happy with them now, will reprime tomorrow ready for base coating with the SBG Churchill...

Russkies finishing tomorrow!

Saturday 2 May 2020

Tinkering with... Matilda(s)

Still waiting on parts so two in the queue stepped up..
 I thought these were going to be quite easy, the warlord Matilda seemed to have all the options for both  BEF and soviet use, but as usual needed detailing...

The pics are a little dark due to the pre undercoat I apply, but you should be able to see the detailing.

A) drilled out track guards front and back
B) filled and sanded front and textured cast turret
C) added rear view mirror,  tow points and manufactured some tow cables and links
D) added the missing shell ejector hatch
E) fabricated the folding antenna mount
F) added the turret stowage brackets
G) detailed the side lamps

And the Lend lease
A) most of the above, and...
B) track stowage frames
C) resighted aerial point for no 19 wireless
D) modifies cupola for the low profile version

Current FOR SALE items

1/56 Weasel
Will update soon, contact me for details

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