Friday 20 November 2015

Tiger Ace - Normandy 44

Taking a break from the Sinai and back to the bread and butter.....

Commission request for a specific vehicle, namley SS-Hauptscharf├╝rer Willy Fey, 3 Zug, 1st Kompanie, SS schwere Panzer Abteilung 102 in Normandy, June 1944.  A simple web search will bring up examples of the specific camo and markings, replicated here, I'll leave that to you.

Kit is 1/56th plastic from Warlord Games. Lovely rendition, correct version and wheel set, so ideal. I've carried out minor mods, always room for more, but key here is the weathering.
 Customer is an accomplished figure painter so crew were modelled to fit but not painted.

 As always more pictures on my flickr:  Flickr Gallery

Some interesting stuff coming through at the moment, both 15mm and 28mm, trying to ship out before Christmas. 

Sunday 1 November 2015

Arab Israeli - Egyptian ISU 152

More plastic from BF, suitably up detailed. Plastic set of five ISU 152's ( I have plans for the other two!) converted into Egyptian modified 152's plus the command version. 

I filled the hulls with polyfilla to add some weight, small touch, but then it's all about the little details!

As usual hatches drilled and opened out, together with plastic card hatches which are more in scale. 

Next up was to remove the handle mouldings ( see far hull above) and replace with brass rod. This was a bit of a tedious process and at the cost of several micro drills, but I think worth it in the end. (Yes I know I stopped at the handles on the engine deck, well for now anyway)
I added the front stowage boxes and fuel/water tank and also the rear fuel tanks with revised carrying brackets.

The command version is fairly simple, all I had to do was add some welding beads around the gun mantles blank.

The cages around the lights were complicated but I think I pulled it off! 

Based as per the SU 100s, although the command version may well get a bigger diorama style base to reflect its purpose. 

All three together, ready for priming and crewing. 

White primer, just a light unifying coat at this stage, as I expect I will be adding more detail before the paint stage, alongside the SU 100's . Need to work out what to regards crew, the BF plastic set is great but gives in five I can use directly, so I guess there's going to be some Peter pig head swaps......


Not sure if these ever crossed the suez in'73, but useful to have as options, maybe they'll provide a surprise for some SAM hunting IDF recce on the West Bank. 

I am considering developing this little October War expedition into another display game. Whilst I have been extremely successful in the past, time and real life has prevented me creating anything over the last year or so. Plans are afoot for possibly 26 foot of Sinai ! We'll see.....


Am working on some QRF Mi-8 "Hips", lot of work needed,  but I think they'll come out fine. 

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1/56 Weasel
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