Monday 26 May 2008

26th May - General Update

Sorry, no pictures again but frantic activity behind the scenes. Firstly my laptop died so i'm selling off bits and pieces to get another one, hence picture updates will be delayed. The two M10s are the start of this, also hope to have finished ready for sale in a week or so:
BAM M3 x3
BAM M8 x2
BAM 251x 3 inc 37mm mounting
Ebob Opel Blitz
S and S 251 Engineer
S and S 251/22? the one with the 20mm recce turret.

Commisions in the pipeline are as listed previously , although there are some lovely JTFM Panthers ad Panzer IVs ( commisions) . Picked up some lovely vehicles from Ian at Chieftan models, named BT5's, Marder and Humber, looking forward to the Stug and Staghound.

On the demo front, finished the bulk of the terrain for Bovington, just airbrushing go, a bit different this time. Called in some favours from the talented brushes of Rene ( and Mark (red line painting), will credit fully when i have pictures for upload. Enough for now.

Current FOR SALE items

1/56 Weasel
Will update soon, contact me for details

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