Thursday 13 July 2017

Tinkering with...Warlord Chaffee for Indochina

Another interesting commission, this time a M24 Chaffee as fought at Dien Bien Phu. Not being too familiar with post war Chaffees, this one called for a bit of research. Specific mods I found difficult to trace, but noted the following from contemporary photos:

a) Two Aerial points
b) .50 cal protected stowage position
c) Drivers hood/screen
d) light, ad hoc stowage

In addition, on inspection the Chaffee model was devoid of any lifting points, and the distinctive .50 cal tripod mount was omitted ( standard .50 call pintle supplied), bit disappointing really.


View from above, shows many of the mods, as above but in addition:

a) replaced .50 cal with PSC from spares
b) reconstituted .50 cal tripod mount
c) added .50 cal turret stowage brackets and assembly
d) representative detail on TC hatch

e) opened up side hatch
f) added lifting points
h) added spare 75mm canisters on rear track guard
f) added open vision slots, pet peeve of mine- why are vision slots always depicted closed!!!!!

g) added some rear stowage, conjecture really, added the rear tray but in the stowed up position.
h) added brass/ wire handles, on all but the tie downs, i have to stop somewhere!

i) Tow cables made and added. I was aware that earlier German and Russian practice was to pre-rig tow cables prior to action to facilitate recovery, I think this adds that little bit of context and detail. practice
j) you can see the drivers hood in the stowed position, this will have clear glass when finished, also intend too add to the vision blocks as well.
l) The TC was a mix between a Warlord american tanker with a head swap from the spares bos, modified with tankers headset

Final shot with the TC, Captain Yves Hervouet commanding Escadron de Marche de 1er Regiment de Chasseurs a Cheval. As I understand his mount was "Smolensk", so if anyone knows of any specific details that I've omitted the please shout. 

But be quick this is lined up for paint along side the earlier Russkies ( not related!!!) 

And finally, am still shifting out old stock and un-committed projects, so the following are up on ebay, posted under "tarnished_epaulettes" 

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