Sunday 14 December 2008

Company B Sumida & Chi Ha

New package has arrived, 28mm Japanese Sumida Rail Car and Chi Ha. Both lovely kits. I have up-detailed both, the addition of the aerial on one of the Chi Ha's and general bits and bobs on the Rail Car, both track and wheel varients. This will be pride of place on my rail track addition to the Nomonhan Demo for Salute, watch this space for more info.
Also a Hellcat and two HMCs extra detailed and stowed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Neil,

The vehicles sound super. Did you know there were no Japanese wheeled armoured cars during the Nomonhan Incident! There was one heavy armoured car which was part of Azuma's force that was mauled during the attack. It was a cavalry vehicle also known as the Type 92 tankette.

The Soviets would call a Japanese truck an armoured car.

Don't worry Neil, I was excited about fielding the wheeled armoured cars there too. Still there is always a what if?

I'm looking forward to seeing more pics on your demo game when you are at Salute this year.

Lake Khasan 1938, where the Soviets and Japanese clashed there were a number of Sumidas in both Army and Navy involved with the conflict.



Troop of Shewe said...

Hi Helen,

Yep, i was aware although hadn't had the 94 identified some references just say armoured cars but your description makes sense in IJA context, thanks.

For Salute the plan is a limited rail track with these babies and rail car, i know not really appropriate for the incident but i'm a glutten for eye candy and only a few would really know :o)

Scott Dallimore said...

Hi Neil

Great stuff! Loved the Nomohan Game pics...beautiful! Can you do railing for the Chi Ha turrets? I have one so far and would like railing on mine...don't know why Co B left this off!? Very Stranage...

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