Saturday 13 August 2016

Tinkering with..... Iranian Skytrex M113

The go-to 15mm M113 has to be the BF plastic offering, indeed am converting some now into IDF command posts, anyway.....

I had three skytrex in my stock pile so following on from the Armies Army  Chieftians (now drying, see below) I thought they could be usefull employed with my Iranians.

I am collecting a library of Iran Iraq war photos and the Iranian M113s seem to be fairly light on stowage generally and armed with a mixture of .50cals and russian Dshk mgs, admittedly,  probably not in the same units?


I'm aesthetically drawn to irregularity of the IIW, particularly in this case the Iranian forces. This usually expresses itself best in stowage, but that wasn't really an option here so it had to be the "crew", luckily the Iranians seem perfect for this.

So, using a variety of Peter pig figures, from various ranges, I started bending, cutting, filling and drilling suitable poses to resemble the infantry sitting on the m113, effectively using them as battle taxis.

You'll notice the missing heads!  these figures are awaiting a Peter Pig resupply, I will be using American ww2 helmets as that's the best I can find to represent what I think were West German m1 helmets in the main, but regardless, they lot "right" ( certainly in 15mm).

I thought I'd add some variety to the mix, with the commanders, in that there's a mixture of 50 cals and Dshk and Russian tankers helmets.

And finally for now... 

Here's the armies armies "batch" from earlier. I have performed standard prep:

- halfords primer
- halfords black base
- enamel black "touch up"

Once dry I will add the pre-shade. 


Chal said...

Those M113s with guys crowded on the outside really look the part. West Germans are good choices, for the G3 rifles and M1 helmets, though tend to look to clean (not enough beard). I have a few in 20mm with my Iranians as, at the time, there were not Iranian MG3 figures available.

Troop of Shewe said...

In 15mm Peter pig are my "go to" I can cherry pick poses from the various ranges and use American ww2 helmets in the main. These have a mixture of G3 look a likes and ak's but are fine for what they are.

Braxen said...

looks promising! What's the reference for the infantry minis on top?

Troop of Shewe said...

Reference? Real world - pictures scavenged Internet, I'm assuming like the Americans in Vietnam the mine presence was significant, and I wanted to depict the hop on hop off nature of getting irregular troops to the front. If you are asking figure reference, then the figures have been collated from across the PP Vietnam and ak47 ranges, there's a good set of seated chaps in peaked soft caps that are the best set to use if you don't want to cut drill and bend!

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