Friday, 9 November 2012

M10 Achilles Guards Armoured 21st ATR

Had a run on Tank Destroys recently, so this is the first of many, although I expect a good few are on the Warlord Games site already. This is the M10 17pdr Achilles from Warlord, comes with two headless crew moulded in the turret, a commander figure in metal and a choice of heads for all three. This one is made and painted as it comes (I'm not allowed to tinker too much with display stuff). Decals are a mixture of Archer Rub down, Company B, Fighting 48's and Dom's decals, although Warlord now have an extensive selection available which I will be trying out when some O.D paint drys...

For those that like the/my tinkered approach I will have some A* Eye Candy coming up in December.

As always, this one and hundreds of other examples of my work can be seen in my flickr galleries, link to the right >>>>>

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Jeremy Cullis said...

Great work Neil. I was wondering what colours do you usually paint your British armour?

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