Monday 26 October 2015

Arab Israeli - Egyptian SU 100


Small addition to my Egyptians for the October war, up detailed Battlefront plastic SU100's.

I'm really liking the emergence of plastic, in both 1/100 but more significantly 1/56, as the possibilities of conversions and detailing, not to mention level of detail and stability of materials is simply impressive. 

The BF SU100 has the additional stowage box on the front right side of the superstructure on the sprue so all I had to add was the track tensioners on the left hand side and some moderate up-detailing.

 I decided to open up one, so chiselled off and cut out the drivers hatch on one, and using a hatch cut and thinned from the spare hull one and cut out, opened up the drivers position. 

(Note I didn't glue the hull at this stage as I would need to add a driver at a later stage)

I also thinned out the track guards but only the eagle eyes would notice!

The forward hatch was also opened up and I decided to add fuel tank supports on the rear. I also modified the mantlet casting to reflect the troughs for the securing bolts seen on the few reference examples.

I then added a simple base ( warbases again) and primed up ready for painting. 

Next up will probably be the plastic BF 152's, with some usual conversions but I'll save that for later! 

A sneak preview of the Israeli howitzer M50 SPG now available from S and S models, this one built as-is but I have three detailed ones in the works. 

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