Saturday, 3 May 2014

Flakpanther "Coelian"

I had been waiting for this one for a while, with Warlord stepping into the Paper Panzer domain I finally get to try out some snazzy masking schemes. I deliberately stayed away from the in-vogue ubiquitous red panel "patchwork quilt" approach (but reserve the right for experimenting down the line!)

I'm sure I saw an IR Panther previewed somewhere, now that and a UHU would be something special....
 This is quite a deceptively large vehicle, and with the cannons would inject some "fun" on the table.

Interestingly, I seem to be conducting a mini-me approach with some batches coming through at the moment. I have raft of lovely 15mm HEER46 goodness with some clockwork goblin and FIB vehicles thrown in, so there are 15mm versions coming through. I am finding accurate renditions of the '46 camo schemes a challenge, and as nothing goes out unless I'm happy, have some restarts, will be worth it in the end. Oh and whilst i'm on accurate renditions, work on a 15mm Ardennes BG is coming on, now armed with the third "Duel in Mist" book ( although sadly no colour pics in this one!)

As alway loads of pictures in the flickr gallery and there's a handy subscribe link to the side ---->

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DeanM said...

Wow - stunning cam scheme! Coupled with the unique shape of the turret, it is quite a futuristic looking vehicle.

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