Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sturmgeschütz IV

Stable favourite this one, JTFM's 1/56th Stug IV with a few modifications.  The kit comes with separate schurzen plates and rails, however I've re-fabricated the plates with plasticard but utilised the rails. the track guards have been sliced and thinned and deployed open.

As commonly seen, the rear decks on these were quite heavily used for stowage, so I've added various tarpaulins, a field modified stowage box and some ammunition boxes, all kept in place with a Heer Zeltbahn from metal foil. The commander is battlehonours, if i recall correctly, with some greenstuff and wire headphones.
As always, click on the individual pictures for the warts and all view, and more extensive pictures in my gallery:


Fred said...

Hello, good job your vehicles are magnificent and very realistic. I would like to contact you for your price rates. Have you an e-mail for the contacts? I am hobbyone my blog: http: // /
sorry for my englih ;-)

Paint-In said...

He Neil,

Stop painting mate, you put us more mortals all to shame with these excellent models. I can hardly believe they end up on a gaming table !!! How is the showcircuit ? Doing anything at the moment (maybe for Salute?)

Cheers Rene (The Netherlands)

Troop of Shewe said...

Hi Rene, long time no hear, hope the job is working out. I've been off the show circuit for while, work and domestic pulls on my time. The jury is out on whether i'm attending Salute, although check out the Salute cover of WSS as i have just completed a vignette for it which should be on display at the show.

Hi Fred, nice looking work on your website my friend, not sure you need my services, however have added my email to the "about me" tab at the side >>>>>>>

Dunc said...

Usual high standard chap, too good for the table in many respects. The zeltbahn really sets it off though - very nice touch.

How do you clean the JTFM stuff? I've always found the mould release Jeff uses to be an absolute pig to shift - are you prepping the surface with anything special before spraying?

Troop of Shewe said...

Hi Dunc, yes, some resin can be more troublesome than others, but after extensive email conversations on the subject, i dont believe its the mold agent, more propertioes of the resin, i.e v smooth. Anyway, clean with detergent, as always, then prime with Halfords ( UK car part shop) Plastic Primer, (B&Q do a version as well) then use standard Halfords black as the undercoat. It doesn't work 100% of the time, (I've had a pig of a time with an AGN sdkfz 10 recently) but its the best I've come up with.

Reference "too good for the table" I've had this comment several times, I only do one standard, whether it goes in a showcase or on the table its up to the customer. These aren't accurate scale models, that would involve 1/72 or 1/35 kits + photo etch but thats a whole different ball game ;o)

Dunc said...

Yes, I've just discovered Halfords Grey primer for metals - using it on miniatures, and currently trying to get used to it after years of using black.

The 'too good for table' comment stems from what I've had it with some of my commissions - a beautifully weathered and "realistic" job on a bit of armour always looks slightly odd on the table alongside some vibrantly coloured infantry by Dean or Dallimore.

Don't mention the 1/35 crowd and their photo-etch and correction and rebuilding perversions. Complete nutters. Although, does have some eye-candy. But I'm not really allowed there after I suggested one of their Gods (Steve Zaloga) may possibly have got the loader's hatch on an A13 upside down. ;-)

Troop of Shewe said...

Not the grey primer, its specific plastic primer, which is coincidently also grey.

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