Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hetzer - Befehlswagen 38(t) - Disc Camouflage

This is the original all metal Crouchie variant, not entirely sure who has the molds these days. This has been updetailed to add various hatches, handles and the additional aerial points for the command version. The last picture in the series shows the work in progress shot, the commander is Battlehonours. The paint scheme on this one is the disc type ambush, so was my "tester" for some other larger paints which i'll show soon, not too hard to guess though.


Dunc said...

Wotcha Troop.
Pretty certain the Hetzer mould went to JTFM waaay back then.
Very nice paint job.

Erhntly said...

very nice camo..

Troop of Shewe said...

I picked this up from Ian a couple of Salutes ago, so yes, it was way back -lol- reminds me I must have a clearout of stuff i'm just not going to get round to....

Dunc said...

I think that was me that sold it you ;o) You certainly got a lot of lead that day - I remember talking to you about it. Salute '09 if I recall correctly.

Troop of Shewe said...

Ah yes! you're correct. I think most of it's gone now, the 8-Rad was done recently and will be part of an update in a week or so, I do know I have two or three EW BEF Matilda 1's ( i think thats their mark?). Lovely subject and will look really good with all the exposed track, but too niche to flog on, Late War Cats are an easier sell :o)

Dunc said...

Well you say that - I've made a not inconsiderable sum on commission 1940 stuff. Done around a dozen A13s, and countless Vickers VIb. Although, granted, nobody has requested an A11 Matilda I (the exposed track bathtub thing), or A12 Matilda II yet.

Pity really, early war is much more fun on the gaming table - the tanks are so hysterically slow/under-gunned/devoid of armour that they don't dominate the table like the big cats. One memorable game for me saw an A11 Matilda I spend the entire game charging across one field at 4" per turn, failing to hit anything with it's single machine gun.

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