Friday, 19 June 2020

Tinkering with... T34 ARV part II

Well, who would have thought, this ginger stepchild of a build has quite won my affectations! I am really liking how this one is developing, and its the right amount of detail I can accommodate over the COVID lunchtimes at home. I will lighten up on the warlord sculpt, it is designed as a gaming model and is fine as such, so my criticisms are from a modelling and accuracy point of view. It’s a case of, “well, if it were me  I wouldn’t have started from here “ response!

Anyways, suitable disguised it’s looking much better, although still not finished but it’s certainly  getting there; so what have I done...

a) crew x3, warlord chap hidden in the hull and the two visible crew are Rubicon with arms sourced from spares, milliput-ed and fettled a bit to imply an interaction, clearly indicating positioning to tow hopefully. This is key to a good model as far as I’m concerned, and I see my stuff as models used for gaming.
B) rear deck detailing, scribed the missing engine cover details, added hinges and a rear access hatch obtained from a Rubicon rear end. Added various missing rivets and so forth.
C) stowage, still a work in progress, gearing up for the tarp work.
D) tow cables, crucial for this build! Made from stranded wire.
E) turret plate detailing, scribed armour plate lines , various ingress and  egress points, totally missing from the warlord hull! Going for a mid production ‘42 Factory 183 hull so no crew handles, straight armour joint and offset  circular rear hatch.

Now needs a cleanup, extra stowage and tarpaulins and it’s off to the paint box!


Chris Kemp said...

Very Nicely put together T-34T.

Regards, Chris.

Troop of Shewe said...

Cheers Chris, not sure many would recognise the tyagach designation :o), but you are correct!

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