Friday 22 April 2016

15mm "1946" American Heavies and Super Heavies - Khurasan & Heer46 [SALE]

More wonderfull "what-if" 1946+, this time a little more grounded in realism. This little lot is the T34 (conjectural M34 "Taylor") for Khurasan and the super heavy T28 from Heer 46. I've used primarily Peter Pig crew figs, although there's a converted skytrex 30 cal gunner with a headswap in there somewhere. I've also added odd stowage and tarps ect to add some character.

I'm superly impressed with this bunch, the allied green has came out just as envisaged, with a level of weathering appropriate and in context. These ( along with some super detailed Pershings) are FOR SALE, I've had my fun, and i'm really pleased with the result. 

So POA -
 neil"at" ( you'll need to change the "at")

  I've mod'd the gunner on the T28 and added so super fine aerial tie-downs ( from ship rigging material)

Two M34/T34's and one T28, both M34/T34's all three have crew.

I've rendered the images "full fat" here, to show the detail, remember these are 15mm so at this level the odd bit of sprurious fluff and cat fur can creep in !

I think this shot (above) is my favourite, all the techniques have came together and it just "works"
 Subtle stowage can add character but still be unobtrusive.
Last shot of all three. As always there are more pictures in my flickr portfolio, best get a cup of coffee and set to slideshow......

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Tony S said...

Wow! You should indeed be happy with the results...they are awesome!

Braxen said...

wow, these are 15mm? I thought they were bigger than that.

Most excellent work, where did you learn the trick of chipping green paint with light green paint? Very effective.

Troop of Shewe said...

It works with light grey to khaki, it's a standard scale modellers technique just to add some contrast, trick is to keep in context as real tanks don't look like howvwe paint them generally!

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1/56 Weasel
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