Sunday, 28 September 2014

"Super" Pershing & Painters Block!

No mojo for painting this weekend, which is very frustrating as I have several commissions just shy of going out.

In an effort to be productive I decided to up detail some Battlefront Pershings. There are three to a boxed set so I decided to updetail two super sherman configurations and then a slightly less detailed up armoured Pershing.  Several mods here, most notably the modification  of the front suspension on the main Pershing, due to the sheer amount of armour being added. 

Hopefully the rest of the mods should be obvious :o) 

These are "fun" for me so will need new homes on completion, but they will take their place in the queue !

EDIT:  as always something crops up! now changed all the hanging track "sideways" rather than vertical whihc is more in keeping with the period pics.

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