Sunday 24 July 2011

Cold War T54's

No excuses, bit of a theme here, some more cold war soviets, and still more to come. This time 20mm kit T54's, iconic tank this one. Again the premise was Cold War, therefore weathering limited to mud and dust, no rust streaks and ostfront scratching to fall back on. I will admit the weathering on these took 3-4 months on and off, i just wasn't happy and kept revising techniques untill i was satisfied ( so please no how-tos on these ones!). I can be a PITA sometimes with my work, commission or otherwise and have been known to re-paint even at some late stages. If i'm not happy with it, it won't go out the door!

And just to prove i'm fallible, i have (since posting) found a slight mistake on these, which i'm sure will be pointed out in bold when i hawk these over the forums.

As always click on the pics for warts and all pics.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I'm always inspired by your painting. Sometime in the next month or so I have to dive back into painting for Flames of War. I definitely will have your blog on my monitor while I paint.


Remco said...

You make your vehicles so realistic!
My compliments!

greatwhitezulu said...

Great work!

Unknown said...

very nice work. Are you tempting me into the Cold War period?

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