Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tinkering with... Warlords SU76


Back to resin this time. The kit is fine, but I felt just needed some additional touches. Picture above is it just about ready for priming without crew, and below with crew!.


You can see the reconstituted rear compartment wall, brass tarpaulin supports and tie downs, added periscopes and green stuff stowage.

View of the side showing the tarpaulin tie downs. These are a bit oversized, but I think will paint up fine, and again there's loads of them!

More detailing on show, you can see the resin tarpaulin supports have been removed and the side walls thinned down. These are understandably thick for the resin casting process but spoil the overall effect. Green stuff tarp added along the track guard.

Detail from the front, this time I left the tow cables, else I could go on forever!

Rear compartment with new pasticard rear wall, notice the resin sides at full thickness prior to thinning out.

Have tried a slightly different approach with the crew. Normally most crew are painted separately, but due to the squeeze in the back and the almost total enclosure I thought I'd try in situ.
Warlord supply two white metal crew with the kit, which are fine.

I decided to add the third crew man from a plastic infantry sprue. Some minor tweaking and cutting and the addition of a tanker head and he fits in just fine.

And finally...

Below is the Warlord GAZ AA, not much I can do with this one, resin full cab really restricts going to town on it.


Loaded up the bed with tarps and equipment, so will be fine in the end!


Bradley Coles said...

wow, that SU 76 is just awesome

Troop of Shewe said...

Much appreciated, lots of updetailed ruskkies coming through

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