Tuesday, 27 June 2017

1/56 Elefant

As a change from some build work, I will post a series of recent paints. First up is one of my favorite vehicles, the Elefant. 
Don't get many chances to paint these as, along with larger cats, there isn't the call for them on the table top.
This is Warlords/ Bolt Action offering and is "vanilla" as it comes, absolutely no mods from me. 
As there isn't much need for a build log on this, i'll just let pictures do the talking, as always the full portfolio is up on flickr.

This is Warlords display piece, so you may see it in their cabinets at shows, much better in the "flesh".

As an aside I have a side project in the wings for two years time, which involves quite a few of these in 20mm...........

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