Friday, 14 March 2014

M4A2 update #3

On the vinegar strokes now........

- engine deck finished
- rear plate finished 
- weld seams updated

Am waiting on a 75mm turret to match up but that's the hull done, will be off to warlord for consideration.

And finally my non-plussed cat.....

Monday, 10 March 2014

M4A2 hull - work in progress #2

Bit more completed on this one. 
- rear exhaust assembly
- direct vision assemblies
- started rear engine deck
- final drive assembly recreated
- attempted weld lines.... Jury is out at moment.

As always comments welcome


Am now happier with the weld rendition, should paint up lovely, added the following this evening;

- front tow points
- lifting points all round
- rear plate rivets and track tensioner

Sunday, 2 March 2014

I flippin hate Shermans!

They are a rivet counters dream! Have always been a nightmare for me, no matter what you research, there will always be something left for comment. 

Anyway, I need two NZ M4A2 Sherman III  so had a route around and a reread of the excellent "Son of Sherman" book and started hacking a warlord m4a4 around!

Shortened hull, sanded front glasis and modified engine deck 

The warlord m4a3 track set will fit so I think I'm on to a winner! Next up will be the engine deck, the louvres being a particular challenge........

Comments welcome, need all the help I can get with shermans! 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Goodies from Canada

It's been a while since I've painted any JTFM (mainly due to supply issues in the uk) so I took advantage of an upcoming commission to add two RSO's ! Been wanting to paint these for ages!

And also a restock of my airbrush staple, Tamiya paints, I go through jars and jars of these!

Finally, it's my birthday tomorrow so I've treated myself to a Iwata custom micron pic when it arrives!

Universal Section

Universal carrier section, more from Warlord. Spent some time on these getting the right stowage and look for Normandy, hence the addition of aerial recognition panels, not much top surface on these!

I'm sure bolt-action used to have some crew for these?

I have some more coming through, Mortar, HMG, AOP and lastly one with wading skirts!



Friday, 21 February 2014

Sherman T34 Calliope

Quite extensive modifications on this one, but it has to be one of my recent favourites. Its the Warlord Calliope set on a 75mm Sherman with the addition of Warlord crew.


 As always more pictures in my flickr galleries, and some new stuff just uploaded.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Tinkering with....Clockwork Goblin Minis - Panzer '46 Mecha/Walker type thingies

Been playing a bit.... in amongst the Paper Panzers I thought I'd add some offerings from Clockwork Goblin miniatures. I've added some stowage and Peter Pig crew to the two American walkers and some turret schurzen on the German walker. Not sure whether to base these or leave them free standing

Some more Paper Panzer tomorrow, Heer46 & Forged in Battle.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Italian AS 37 - In German Service

Interesting vehicle, all metal so I suspect its an Old Crouchie ex-chieftan ex-BEF models kit. Painted as part of an requisitioned Italian/German commission.

There is a fully painted german driver in there!

More pictures on my flickr:


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Morris C8 2 pdr Portee

Its seems interest in the North African campaign has been reinvigorated recently ( I expect largely due to the Perry's) so this paint for Company B is quite topical.

It is a Morris 2 pdr Portee as used by Armoured Divisions in North Africa. I originally wanted to do a snazzy Caunter scheme in line with the recent Perry Universal Carrier build, but there wasn't the evidence supporting this as a legitimate scheme for them. This meant a rather plane faded yellow scheme, however I didn't wanted a British "Dunkelgelb" so decided to go for heavy wear and tear and fading.

I'm really happy with the result on this interestingly little vehicle.

As always more pictures on my flickr

I have a flurry of finished, and finishing, projects over the next couple of weeks which I will post here as I have time, please subscribe to email updates if you'd like to keep pace with the eye candy.



Current FOR SALE items

20mm, (1/76, 1/72)

2x 76mm HVSS Shermans with crew

Churchill AVRE with SBG with crew

28mm (1/56)

2 x T34, with /76 and /85 turret options

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