Sunday, 16 August 2015

Arab Israeli - M577

As with just about everything I'm building for the 1973 war, I've had to do some detailing to make it suitable for the IDF. Information on '73 M577 is scarce so this mod is probably a mixture of fittings from '73 examples to '83 and possibly later. The M577 will be my HQ stand primarily for my M107s but can stand in for the M109 battery as well ( both will use the M548 ammunition vehicles) I think the M50 battery will have a M3 command track to go with its lorry supply train.
So...what I could pick up in the forums is the lack of antenna guards on the roof and removal of the rear stowed tent assemblage. Obviously the vehicle sides have the usual paraphernalia but I really like a reference with tubes holding artillery ranging poles so I took so artistic license.

I started with the Battlefront/ flames of War Vietnam version.

 As it comes before modifying
View of rear tent assembly

Start of adding mods, revised roof hatch and side stowage
The tent coming off was a right pain, should have used the dremel

Most of detail added and installed in base. Have decided all the AIW vehicles will be based, bases bought from warbases, excellent service!

I've added the ubiquitous rolled cover sheet, used to disguise and cover the vehicles when stationary. 

The initial primer coat shows up any surface problems (below) , so this is now ready for its foundation colours.
I think it needs a commander figure either talking to driver, or possibly with binos on the roof ( although I suppose the hatch his shut!) or maybe going in the rear. I have some spare dogs from Peter pig so this may be the opportunity to use one!

Progress is slowly coming on, notable updates
- Urdan copulas moulded by S and S models and work really well on the BF M48
- Khurasan M60s assembled and in the process of up detailing
- M50 left hand side track section complete so that will be off to Shaun soon. Looks like my first complete vehicle  will be on S&S model product list pretty soon!
- IDF artillery loads competed, and moulded, both tubes and shells, should have loads of Cold War applications, again they will be in the S&S catalogue.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Arab Israeli - Yom Kippur - developments

Been quiet for a while, trying to balance a new job, real life and  commissions, I'm not on top of things but it's getting better.

This is just a post to show some random developments, firstly an Urdan Coupola for my M48's. These will be off to S&S models this week to add to their rapidly developing 15mm range, heavily influenced by what I need for '73 :o)

Also working on some M109 vignettes, this is a test piece and needs more detailing. Each vehicle will have an accompanying M548 with more of the ammunition stacks and I'm working on some shells on ready use crates. Figures are BF Vietnam and chassis is QRF

And finally a teaser on my Egyptian air defence, a lot more work to do on these but you get the picture.

The MT55 is complete and available from S&S models, am currently finalising the M50 Hvss spg as the BF is the '67 version. Probably later in the year will see the Gilllois ferry, both water line and on road and the MTU20 Avlb. 

I've made some decisions and have decided to focus on the Sinai for starters and to base my vehicles. I'm opting on mdf bases from warbases. 

I'm slightly out of my comfort area but also working on Skyhawks, MIG 21's, 19 and 17's

These are stripped 1/100 diecasts, I'm working on weapon loads and am converting pilots out of BF and Peter Pig tanks commanders. This will go on magnetic flight stands.

The MIGs are plastic kits.

Some may find my starting points for my armies as strange (Avlb, artillery parks, air defence and planes!) But rest assured the M50's, Centurions, M60s and M48s will all come in time......

Saturday, 1 November 2014

T55 Bridgelayer - MT55 - Part 4 - Update - almost there!

Thanks to Shaun at S and S Models, this is progressing really fast.  We have some "first pull" masters of most of the components; and as you can see are re-engineering some to make the master "less of a kit".

The pictures posted here are not the final production components, they show the bridge in deployed mode, you will of course be able to model both stowed and deployed.

The donor vehicle is still the Khurasan T55 , but this also fits the Battlefront T54/55

The picture below shows the full length of the bridge and vehicle deploying, we anticipate having both a deployed and stowed bridge available.

This shows the front hydraulic arm with the foot pad on the deck, also the single deck plate addition to the Khurasan hull.

As you can see some of the masters are being refined and the hydraulic pistons here are plastic rods. We are hoping the main front arm will be one casting including the single piston.

Pic below shows the connection to the bridge section. The "H" section is not fixed to  the bridge so the vehicle and bridge can be separated.

I have also  revised the piston locating lugs based on new pictures being available.

And finally these last two pictures show the T55 after having deployed the bridge, as you can see the "H" frame just slides out and "voila" one laid bridge.

I am expecting to have production copies in a week or so, so I will make up this and a stowed variant.  I aim to have three or four for my AIW Syrians.

If you are interested in getting your hands on one or more of these, then contact Shaun at S&S Models. This is a little diversion for both him and Stewart, but hopefully and given enough interest, will be the start of a 15mm range, mind you only if they make their investment back!

As always comments and ideas welcome, KMT mine roller anyone?......

Friday, 31 October 2014

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Horch-tastic! HORCH kfz 15 ( x2)

Really enjoyed doing these two. They are display pieces for Warlord Games so no mods, as they come!, although usually they come with crew, but Andres dose them for consistency.  
Loads more pictures on my flickr:



Monday, 27 October 2014

M60- S&S Models

Shaun has worked his magic again, lovely rendition of the M60, I waited to paint this as IDF, but no, he had to opt for the camo version!


Friday, 24 October 2014

Tiger I "S54"

Interesting commission this one! It came fully assembled and expertly modified, so just a paint job for me! ( well I did do some tinkering...) Not sure of the manufacturer, but a lovely piece all the same. The request was to decal and paint as per the example below, so you can make your own conclusions on whether I achieved the brief! 

As I understand, Rafa "Archiduque" is painting the crew, so the final ensemble should be pretty impressive!
As always, you should know the drill by now.... more pictures on flickr!


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