Monday, 20 October 2014

War-Weary STUG III - 28mm Warlord Games

This is a modified Warlord Games STUG III, a popular choice and a good all rounder. I wanted to depict a vehicle that had seen some campaigning. Several mods carried out most notably:

- Replaced all schurzen and schurzen rails for Plasticard
- MG shield ( serious omission from the kit!)
- Rear stowage rack
- Various Stowage mods
- "liberated" bicycle

Thanks to Brent from Company B for the bike , I believe these come from their Japanese Range, so useful you'll be seeing some on the next Normandy Brit stuff to come through.


As always loads of full fat pictures of this one and some sneaky other commissions up on my flickr:
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loads of stuff coming through at the moment, most of it at the detailing/final detailing stage so I'll try and keep track with the blog.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

MT55 part 2 - off to S&S models!

Now on a roll! All the bits are now complete, have managed to make the components flexible enough to depict the bridge either stowed or deployed. Only have two bridge sections at the moment but you should get the idea!

Close up of the deplored front arm. The piston has been made extended so you can cut it down to the housed position. You need three of these.

Close up showing the t55 hull mods, all are placed on at the moment

These are the securing frames that go between the individual bridge sections. The pistons will be duplicated to reflect the two attached to the top of the assembly

Finally all the bits, some will require duplicating. I've done all I can now so I'll deliver it to shaun to see if it can be moulded. I am aware so of the bits may need changing to be able to mold them, but let's hope not too much.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

15mm MT55 Bridgelayer

Been busy this afternoon with a bit of a side project! I'm currently building up forces for the Yom Kippur war and needed a few MT55 for the Valley of Tears scenario.. Anyway not being one available in 15mm I had a chat with Shaun at S&S models to see if he could help. Essentially I am building a modification to a Khurasan t55 ( should also work on the Battlefront version), shaun will hopefully run the casts off.

Here is the MT55 will two loose bridging section and the start of the front arm assembly 

Side view it get the angles right. I plan to have the bridges cast as shown and also deployed, but only have the two at the moment

Here's most of the work completed today. The main hull top is a place on piece, you will just need to shave off the existing drivers hatch.

Still a few bits of detail to add on the hull but the big bits are done. 

Am now puzzling with making the extension arms and rams moveable, but will probably end up with just a stowed position for now, to make the bits work for a deployed bridge is possible but is probably beyond what most people want from a conversion, espeacially in 15mm.

Comments welcome

Sunday, 28 September 2014

"Super" Pershing & Painters Block!

No mojo for painting this weekend, which is very frustrating as I have several commissions just shy of going out.

In an effort to be productive I decided to up detail some Battlefront Pershings. There are three to a boxed set so I decided to updetail two super sherman configurations and then a slightly less detailed up armoured Pershing.  Several mods here, most notably the modification  of the front suspension on the main Pershing, due to the sheer amount of armour being added. 

Hopefully the rest of the mods should be obvious :o) 

These are "fun" for me so will need new homes on completion, but they will take their place in the queue !

EDIT:  as always something crops up! now changed all the hanging track "sideways" rather than vertical whihc is more in keeping with the period pics.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

M113 ACAV - Vietnam

What have we here then.... This is one of those projects that ran away with itself. Previously I had a commission for some JB Model ACAV M113's ( in my flickr somewhere) which i did with some SHQ "riders". In a moment of madness I thought i'd try and improve using the S Models kits, overlooking the "ACAV" bit! Anyways after some helpfull chaps over on the guild (Alan "Dadmassu" & Phil "Tinned Fruit") sorted me out with their excess ACAV turrets I was good to go. 

The four M113's have been built with commanders turrets ( mixture of SHQ and S&S figures) but with the rear open, some rear doors opened up and two with fixed MG shields.

The infantry figures are SHQ that I have configured togetther so that they fit on the rear decks of the M113. there are three "sabots" of infantry, plus two "plug-in" MG gunner sets. Hopefully this should be obvious in the pictures below.

The S models kit is clearly superior to the JB/Airfix, but lack of the ACAV turret does make things difficult! In general i'm really pleased with how these came out, although the pictures aren't really up to scratch.

I've had my fun with these so tehy will need new homes, one way or another, anybody interested then just shout!


As always full photo shoot up on flickr.

PS. I'm away with "real" work next week so thats effectively two weekends of painting wiped out,  and my comms may be a bit intermitterant, please bear with me......

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Vietnam - Sheridan M551

These have been on my desk for a while, as with the SU12, if its fiddly or involves extensive modification it requires more time... and these were both fiddly and extensively modified! The basic kit is the 20mm S-Models Sheridan, sourced from Plastic Soldier Company.

 I saved some build pics as I went so the Mods are detailed as below:

One hull was opened up to add a driver, and the bird cage mounts have been completed. I now use Sgts Mess .50 cals for models intended for gaming as they are much sturdier than their plactic counterparts. Various additional stowage has been added to the front of the turrets, along with headlight gaurds and ammunition box straps.

The rear stowage boxes were tricky. A basic cage was formed from wire and then mesh added, green stiff and resin stowage then covered any inperfections. 

Here is the initial base colours, no specific fancy techniques here, basic airbrush highlighting to achieve some tonal variation. Whilst modulation is all the rage at the moment, these are to fit into an existing commission which has scale appropriate colouring.

The crew figures are a mixture of S&S Models SHQ. 

Ta Da! all done. 
I have a few Vietnam pieces just finished, included is an infantry platoon ( yes, I do figures as well.....and aircraft, ships, spaceships.........

Off to the shed now for some extended airbrushing hours, but will post up when I get five.

As always, more pictures on my flickr which contains my complete portfolio of work, 

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

20mm SU 12

Had this one on the bench for a while, unfortunately "one-offs" are at the mercy of similar commissions going through, and its was coupled with a two part build! This is a 20mm kit from UM and is really quite nice! there are two fully detailed metal crew dremmelled into the cab, you can just about see them!

Some WIP shots ....

This is at the two part stage; the cab has been built, painted and weathered, along with the two crew, you can see interior colour around the window frames. Essentailly once this bit is done and assembeld you start again with the colours!

As always, full photoshoot on my flickr

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