Saturday, 23 May 2020

Tinkering with M7 Priest Kangaroo #3

Finally! Had some time today whilst waiting for a lacquer coat to dry. Finished up the kangaroos and crews, this set certainly wins the prize as the worst estimate of work and time required! Anyways, happy with them now, will reprime tomorrow ready for base coating with the SBG Churchill...

Russkies finishing tomorrow!

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Tinkering with... Matilda(s)

Still waiting on parts so two in the queue stepped up..
 I thought these were going to be quite easy, the warlord Matilda seemed to have all the options for both  BEF and soviet use, but as usual needed detailing...

The pics are a little dark due to the pre undercoat I apply, but you should be able to see the detailing.

A) drilled out track guards front and back
B) filled and sanded front and textured cast turret
C) added rear view mirror,  tow points and manufactured some tow cables and links
D) added the missing shell ejector hatch
E) fabricated the folding antenna mount
F) added the turret stowage brackets
G) detailed the side lamps

And the Lend lease
A) most of the above, and...
B) track stowage frames
C) resighted aerial point for no 19 wireless
D) modifies cupola for the low profile version

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Tram #2

Some wet work this morning....wood filler, dirt, coffee grinds, ballast and pva, with some odds and sods. Have slightly narrowed the base and added cobbles and a lamppost so we can determine front or back.
 This needs to set for a day or so and then I will probably do a primer coat to see where we are and then add detailing, am anticipating sandbags somewhere....

Removable roof works quite well...

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Russky Studebaker....

Needed a bit of a diversion, so tried a mod based on a photograph, not an exact copy but it shows the same essence.

The source pic is from Ostfront Panzers, last year of war, kozitsyn vyacheslav publishing. The truck is the base Rubicon Studebaker, most mods being scribing wood grain and weathering prior to paint. I will add a full set of brass tarpaulin supports, have added metal winch wire and have a jolly chap driver nit in shot. The figures are Rubicon and I think I’ve captured the dynamics between them, so am quite happy. These will be permanently fixed.

On to Berlin!

Friday, 24 April 2020

Urban terrain......

Couple of mentions for this one, very much a work in progress.
Base tram is the war bases 1/56 mdf, sealed with Halfords primer and then assembled. Actually isn’t too bad as it comes, will up detail but not too much, refuse to google specific tram types... l’ll  just have to live with it.

Am after a makeshift barricade so this will be partially filled with rubble and sandbags with the usual paraphernalia strewn around. Roof is removable so I suppose you could put some figures in there but designed for painting access really. The mounds are only the substrate to get positioning, need to add cobbles and then top rubble coat...

Am thinking on making the base irregular on this one so it can slip on any terrain, but will see how it goes.... “butterfly” piece for me, just ‘cos I wanted to, so will need a home once complete...

Open to ideas on this one...

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Tinkering with.. M7 Priest “Kangaroo” #2

Busy weekend, finished some of my best work, both painting and conversions, all boxed and away tomorrow, pics mid week....

Been working on some LVT’s and these... been shelved for a while but now the heavy lift work is done and it’s just the detailing and crew sabots to sort out. The blurb about the conversion is on a previous post, so this is just a mid process update....

Want to pack infantry in there, so have some more metal coming in the post, these will be removable as per my usual style.

Friday, 17 April 2020

tinkering with... cobbles!

Something have wanted to try for a while. Most of you will have seen the gun crew bases I do with removable crew bases, so decided to push the envelope and try with an urban 88mm.  I made the usual base up from war bases , applied the ployfilla substrate and then attempted magic sculpt rolled over the top! Big disaster, putty wouldn’t adhere doh!
The cobbles are defined using the putty rollers from green stuff world, bought two a while ago 15mm and 28mm, first chance to use in anger.

So rescued the epoxy and rerolled on the desk, with loads of talc!

Pre placing of crew just for fun! The Barn door is the Heer 46 one, unfortunately the barrel is so over scale I will have to replace, be fine if I was using Orcs or something!

Next step to transfer and  glue to the base when dry. Then it’s a case of a bit of fettling  to recover the recessed and make the positive base blanks for the crew.

Crew in place, not looking too bad

Ta da! Crew pinned on 20mm rounds for casualty removal, now for the spares box for the usual gun paraphernalia ! 
This needs to sit for a bit, have some T34’s and a Churchill SBG calling, although it’s now paved the way for my tram barricade....

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