Saturday, 20 June 2020

Tinkering with... T34T (ARV) [part III]

No apologies, more of the T34 T “Tyagach”, as correctly highlighted. Build complete now, off for priming, if anything shows the work involved and stages.

a) tarpaulins game added out of procreate/milliput
b) two types of tow cable added from twisted wire
c) engine cover grab handle added, with other odd detailing
d) foundation layer of mud
e) bashed the front track guards to reflect heavy use.

The hull is still in two, I can’t glue together until the driver is painted and stuck in place.

Three stage priming and foundation coats next prior to base coat. If interested will try and document as I go.

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Unknown said...

Great work love all the added details very interested to see the next stages Neil.

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