Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tinkering with... Warlords KV1/KV2

I have a few concurrent Soviet commissions on the go at the moment, so will post up as they develop.
First up is the Warlord KV1 /KV2 ensemble, great thing with this kit is that you get both turrets and a set of plastic tanks riders (save them for another post)
No extensive detailing for these, its not needed. Decided to do some "opened up" versions later, so for now its just one hull and two turrets. Mods have included:
a) "polyfilla" weight added, to give the vehicle some heft on the table, works well.
b) damaged and distressed track guards, taking advantage of the detailing on the plastic track sections
c) Brass hand/grab rails added
d) Early style tow cables added, using some turned wire from an old pair of earphones.
KV 2 turret on the same hull, 2 for 1 !
Keep watching, Soviet stuff rolling through....

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