Friday, 23 November 2012

Tinkering with....Sdkfz 250 neu to 250/5 conversion

Another diversion project. After seeing warlords recent German forward observers set I wondered if I could make them fit in the diminutive 250. Always up for a challenge I assembled both sets and got to work.

The inside of the 250 would require the radio racks, which could be converted using the lump of resin that's already with the model, to be honest I'm not sure what its representing anyhow. The inside conversion would contain seats and a frame work for the scissor scopes, amongst lots of other crew stowage and odds and ends. Whilst I had assessed I could get all three figures crammed in the back it wouldn't leave much room for fine details, or at least the work would be negatory. I needed to remove the bench and detail the radio sets, the only real way to do this was by removed the rear plate. This was first drilled and then taken out with a scalpel, the interior was then opened out.

I had a run on basic conversion work which included:
- removal of mudguard, always wanted to do this on one as its seen so often!

- thinning remaining mudguard
- opening up drivers vision slot
- detailing radio set
- added radio box
- added stirrup points

I need to fully remove the figure bases, which I will do tomorrow with the sander. Thereafter I will prime to reveal any further imperfections or additional detailing required.

So here's the final shots from this session, all three ( of the five) crew happy in their new transport, although I'm sure they would want some heads......







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Johns Miniatures said...

Wow!That is truly a great conversion.

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