Saturday, 24 November 2012

Tinkering with.... Warlords sdkfz 7/1

Been waiting on this one for a while, and now finally got my hands on one as a commission.
This is basically a straight build with up detailing, nothing fancy really so areas of note are:

1) realignment of front drive spocket, slightly raised rather than in line with road wheels
2) addition of crew weapon racks on the mudguards.
3) up detailing of cab, map, handbrake, gear levers, binos etc
4) addition of ammunition boxes
5) foil zeltbhan
6) rear foot rests/ stirrups
7) width indicators on mudguards
8) spent shell cases

I have an Army Group North (AGN) ammunition trailer which I will most likely add ( now added!)


Allan and Carmen said...

Stunning work as always. I really enjoy your attention to detail.

Happy Painting,


Anonymous said...

hi neil
love the detail adding of the trailer superb
neil t

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