Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sherman Platoon - Normandy

20mm Iterali Kits with AB crew figures. These have taken a while to come through, reasonably fiddly builds with quite a lot time spent working on getting the stowage to look right and stowed believably. The weathering is a combination of techniques that I have been experimenting with to reflect that faded and dusty look rather than the "en vogue" intense chipping, getting the right  context really sets an AFV collection off. I am really happy with these although next time I will probably swap out the .50 calls for metal ones. Aerials omitted due to the rigours of postage.

As always loads of full fat ( and more) pictures in my flickr galleries.

Oh and as a blatant plug for you 20mm fans, I have started to shift my older 20mm gaming figures on to ebay, currently up there is a 20mm FAA German Platoon.


dwartist said...

Haven't commented for quite some time - I think I ran out of superlatives! These are literally, stunning and brought to life by the wonderfully painted crew. I envy you your ease with the subject and scale. David

Jay said...

You really know how to play the "fiddle", Sir!! Excellent modeling.

Remco said...

Man these are awesome, love what you have one here!

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