Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Panther A, Southern Germany, January 1945,

Great subject this one, legitimate use of judicious weathering! The concept was taken from an a picture of an unknown Panther, January '45, Southern Germany. The Panther ( albeit a G in the picture) had obviously seen a rough winter, with a hastily and now wearing whitewash pattern applied over what looks like a three tone, or possible ambush scheme. The whitewash looks as if it was applied with a broom, so hopefully I've pulled off the effect here. As I'm always asked when whitewash is involved, yes, the hairspray technique was used, amongst others.....

This is Warlord Games display one, so hopefully it'll be out as Salute, unfortunately I wont be this year, maybe 2013 for a demo come-back who knows.

As always, lots more "full fat" warts and all picture in my flickr gallery, link to the right
( if you haven't bookmarked it yet!)


Dan said...

interesting camo, and lovely Panther.

Allan and Carmen said...

Stunning work as always!

Anonymous said...

Lovely work (as usual) Neil! Have the same model from Corgi and it is one interesting camo to be sure!

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