Monday, 16 April 2012

"PanzerKnacker" - HS129 & JU87

A change is as good as a rest, albeit only a slight change. Here we have some 15mm ( 1/200th) Aircraft models from Armaments in Miniatures (AIM). Great service from David, over the pond, and lovely miniatures. Some clean up is required but nothing out of the ordinary. Two Ju 87s and one HS129. With the Stukas I recessed an earth magnet on each to accept a flight stand, you can just make out the outline under the fuselage. With the HS129, I had both the 37mm and 75mm weapon pods so, again, I recessed earth magnets so the cannons can be swapped out.

Unfortunately, they suffered from silvering on the decals, despite the usual precautions. Couple of things I'd do different and improve on next time, but an enjoyable change from armour modelling.

So much so that I ordered a flight of Typhoons, which will look the bees knees when complete.

As always many more pics on my Flickr:


 HS 129 with 75mm weapon pod in place (above), and (below) shows the location plugs for both assemblies, and you can just make out the earth magnet. The final picture shows the 37mm pod fitted.

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Paint-In said...

He Neil,

Flyboy or should that be Fliegerknacker ?
I recently had the same decal disaster with all of my Spartans.
Remedied it by painting the "silvered out" parts and it worked pretty well.

Rene (the one across the other smallish pond)

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