Saturday, 21 April 2012

Panzer-Lehr-Division's 316th Funklenk Panzer Company

Bit of a diversion, these two. I had two Tiger B (King Tiger - Porsche Turreted) pre-paints, not entirely sure of their origins, but clearly 1/76th, I wasnt really happy with them, so I decided to repaint to align with some excellent photo references I had found on the web whilst researching a another Tiger B commision,  The Porsche turretted Tigers saw limited use (and action) in with the  Panzer- Lehr, 316th Funklenk Panzer Company. There is now photographic evidence of most of their individual fates.

As you can see I painted tanks "10" and "11" as per the excellent illustrations on the following site:

and in line with the pictures at:

I've had my fun with these two now, so open to offers, before they go to the "reserves" drawer, or ebay......

As always loads of full fat pictures on my Flickr.

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