Saturday, 7 May 2011

Kitchen Table Update #3

Just some quick and dirty Work in Progress shots, stuff i can do in front of the telly, the Pacific dvd being the choice last night, hmmm..... how to do all that vegetation and faded OD.... anyway.
Firstly, rummaging i found this Hetzer, an original Crouchie one so all metal and decided to do some minor mods/ upgrades and convert into the command variant. I have an idea for a special type of camo for this one :o) , more later:

( as always you can click twice on all the pics to expand and actually see what I'm rattling on about)

Next up is another Stug IV (JTFM), minor mods again, some conversion of the BAM TC figure, and after studying pictures for inspiration, and always looked to provide that "value add" have added some strung wire and attachment points used for appending foliage to the superstructure and finally all the usual "ToSh"stuff really:

Another side project this one, a conversion of the BAM Sdkfz 7 into a Flak bed, still WIP but you can see where its going (hopefully!)

Next up, another BAM conversion, this time the ubiquitous scrim netting seen all adorning allied armour in Normandy, this example being a Cromwell. Its not quite finished though, do i do the hull as well?????

The Flak 38 is the Company B one, which is by far one of the best examples in 1/56 i have seen.

And lastly:

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