Tuesday, 24 May 2011

10 Hussars, A Sqn 3 Troop, 1st Armoured Division, BEF

Nice little commision this one, Michael wanted specific vehicles and luckily for me had far more information on BEF markings than I. The Mk IVc's are original Chieftan Models, now BEF models from Crouchie. I added some minimal stowage, including a greatcoat, but also did some work to represent the aerial frame on the back of the turret, my reference being the Bovington vehicle.  Two of the turrets were drilled and "opened up" to rx the tank commanders, one Crouchies and one from the Warlord range.

The 1st Amd Div, Weight class and AoS are Milicast 1/76 decals. The embarkation code and WD numbers are cut ups from Dom's Decals 1/56 range. The squadron triangles are painted over decals.

Trick with these was to try and under weather, they weren't around long enough for heavy wear and tear.

Not too happy with the pictures on these, subtle details dont stand out to well on PC monitors, you can click on the pictures but the flickr gallery should show them off a bit better.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great job!


tim said...

Wow. That's a stunning job you've done on those! Bravo!

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