Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Stug IV

another popular paint, i guess because it looks menacing and has a very low profile. Spent a bit of time on this to make it different to the previous ones. Added additional track sections ( JTFM stowage) together with attachment points ( most people forget that historically they weren't glued on!), loads of stowage on the rear deck, mainly JTFM IIRC. Schurzen is fiddly but now Jeff does seperate track and plate section, not for everybody but looks great when "distressed", note the salvaged plate hurriedly chucked on the rear deck so its not lost in the hedgerows. The TC is the Warlord "Wittman" figure in the infamous leather U-boat jacket. I've gone for a more subdued overall camo on this, i think this relects more realistic field conditions without looking like its been in a french scrapeyard for years. Bit more tricky to pull off but i'm happy with it, maybe not enough contrast for the gaming community though :o).

Aerials are my current choice of stretched sprues......

As always more detailed pics in my flickr galleries, link to the right .


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As usual just really very nice work with exceptional weathering techniques.


Anonymous said...

It must be an age thing, as when I was a tad younger I would not give a Stug the time of day, it was Tigers or nothing, but now I rather like them and want one.

Anton said...

Hi Neil,

I've put you on my "style list" have a look




Adrian said...

He looks fantastic! Perhaps they should take on my tau and we can have an 'all deep red' battle ... now all we need is a camouflaged game board. company logo design

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