Friday, 8 September 2017

Tinkering....D-Day wading Sherman MK 1 ARV WIP #2

Some more fettling, added the two wading stacks and started the basic stowage load out.

Am happy enough with the angle son these, my reference sources vary so with blueprints these are a good compromise.

Re-used a few of the S&S parts, note the temporary stowage for the rear stowage box.

Now its looking like how I envisioned it, a few more hours with fine details but the bulk of the build is done.

The eagle eyed may notice the spruce colour change for the running gear. I decided to use the sapre set in the Rubicon M4E8, why? two reasons:

a) detail is better, wheels now have an undercut.
b) means I can use the warlord tracks for the hull!

Strange bird!

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