Friday, 13 January 2017

Tinkering with ..... Battlefront Iranian Chieftains


Yet more Chieftains! Iranian reinforcements!

Following up on the ArmiesArmy Chieftains, I now have a load of BF plastic Chieftains and am most impressed, generally....



The pros.... 
  • plastic format allows loads of conversion potential, 
  • excellent detail, 
  • nice crew set, 
  • separate track guards.  
The cons...

  •  ( just my opinion) the turret front angles need sanding over as they have too prominent an angle, 
  • the smoke dischargers are awful. 
  • Only one hatch open

The plastic format allows me to depict some very tired and abused vehicles as seen in reference photos of the Iran Iraq war. The mods so far...

  • Removed all smoke dischargers ( am making new ones)
  • Filed the turret fronts to remove the pronounced angle 
  • Opened up some additional hatches
  • Added crew, so far just from bits box, but more to come
  • Added numerous tarpaulins and crew stowage 
  • Added an initial layer of sandbag armour, more to come on this front, stalled until the dischargers are complete
  • Distressed and removed track guards 
So very much a work in progress and a "flavour" of things to come at this stage


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Bradley Coles said...

wow really love all your work on the 15mm stuff, really next level :-)

Phil Curran said...

Looking good so far. So many projects so little time.

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