Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sd.Kfz. 251/22 - "Vanilla" straight as it comes!

Thought I'd add some colour as a change from the previous posts. So here's a quick snapshot of a vehicle I completed for Warlord Games' display set a few weeks ago. As you may be aware the Warlord display stuff is a "tinker free zone" for me, I am allowed to add windows on trucks but thats about it! so this is a vanilla kit built as intended. It comes with crew, but my figure style is different to their talented in-house painter Andres so I just concentrate on the armour!

I went for a later war scheme on this, leaving the Pak 40 in dunkelgelb hopefully indicating the merging of the outputs from two different workshops. I've battered it around a bit to give it a bit of interest, but nothing too serious.

As always more full fat pictures in my gallery, and there are a few of these with the full "Troop of Shewe" treatment, and crew! around there somewhere :o)

I'll be unashamedly be promoting my FOR SALE Jagdpanther next, kids need new shoes and all that......

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