Friday, 18 January 2013

Tinkering with...IrishSerbs' AAV7 & Bradley's

 Another speculative buy and a tentative leap into moderns, three AAV7A1 Amtraks and M2A2 Bradley's and a Humve. All arrived from the States, safe and sound, lovely casts, no air bubbles or flaws and even some spares thrown in, all in all excellent service from Brian.

After some research on the web I up-detailed where I was confident and added loads of "green stuff " stowage. No really much to do on these, I was going to open some hatches, but, well, I'll save that for another time.

Quick summary of Mods:
  • Stowage Racking on AAV7 
  • Aerial Points
  • Grenade munition supply feed
  • Stowage and more stowage.
  • deployed one TOW launcher
Am looking for any pointers on further mods and more particularly camo schemes, thoughts so far are :
  • Bradleys - sand overall with broad grey patches
  • AAV7 - european three tone but with sand coloured armour add-ons
I picked up some useful pointers from Werwulfs warroom, so many thanks: 

And Brains site:


Jay said...
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werwulf said...
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werwulf said...

Nice work and thanks for the plug. I gave up trying to sculpt my own stowage and am waiting for a much more talented sculptor to produce some. If you plan on putting out the stuff you did please let me know as they look great. The only other suggestion I would make is water bottle and MRE boxes.

Galvanized Yankee said...

What did you make your stowage racks from?

Troop of Shewe said...

The racks are formed wire, in this case I think it was uncoated florist wire. Getting consistant shapes was problematic and that combined with drilling the pilot holes made a very frustrating evening, but worth it in the end. This set is all finished now, I just need to schedule it's photo call!

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