Friday, 4 January 2013

PSC Shermans - Little Beauties

Following on from my earlier post, here is the final results of the PSC Sherman up detailing.

I am disappointed with my pictures as they don't show the details that well, all have light protectors and extra detailing on the stowage, oh well..... Figures are a mix of Peter Pig and Skytrex ( before the 50% price hike!) and hybrids of the both. The recovery is Skytrex with mods.

and a reminder of their humble beginnings

As always more pictures on my flickr:


Phil said...

Very nice tanks, great work!

Erhntly said...

very nice :)

Current FOR SALE items

1/56 "Fury" M4 E8
1/56 RSO Steyr
1/56 Weasel
1/56 KV 1

all pictures are in my flickr contact me for details.