Monday, 13 April 2020

Tinkering with... Warlord Stug

Not a bad kit, but common to most gaming plastics the tracks are rather naive where the track sections join. As the stug will have schurzen, thought I could repurpose the top runs....

As usual, kits are filled with polyfilla to add heft, and home made mud mixture applied prior to paint.

Working on both sides at once, pin and glue
Make slight cuts in the track to enable the plastic to bend

This will only work with schurzen models as you sacrifice some of the top runs

Clamping in place

You can see the early bending prior to fixing

“All Aboard” some trial fits for final context,  detailing story later in the week


Unknown said...

Looking good and with tank riders

Troop of Shewe said...

Have gone with a forward observation team on this one, trying to get the dynamics correct between them all

Unknown said...

Cracking idea Neil look forward to seeing finished .
All the best

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