Saturday, 6 August 2016

Tinkering with....15mm Chieftains - Armies Army (Kickstarter)

If you're of a certain age, and growing up in the UK then there's really only one iconic tank for us... that's the Chieftain. 

A package arrived this week with some lovely goodies from Keith Armstrong's Armies Army Kickstarter. I ordered a number of items, but will focus on the iconic Chieftains here.
If you follow my blog, you'll note my interest in the middle east, primarily '73 October War, but on the advent of Chieftains becoming available, a slight "scope creep" into the Iran Iraq War. So these two will be the first Iranian tanks, no real mods just added some crew from the spares box, I was originally going to have soviet tankers headgear, but it looks like they used American or British tankers helmets (which would make sense I suppose with electrical fits etc). I did add a Peter Pig figure in peaked cap to add some irregularity. 

Of the pictures of non-destroyed Iranian armour, there seems plenty of tarpaulins and stowage crammed on the turrets mainly. I augmented the supplied stowage and racks with some grey-stuff stowage, hopefully to make these as ramshackle as I can.

For the next two Chieftains, with something special in mind later, I built these as they came, one opened up with the AA crew, one closed down, not to much stowage, which will become apparent later.

These four are now primered and curing, it may be while before the get their livery, so watch this space, there's an email subscribe function on the right ----->

As always, any suggestions, errors or corrections welcome, Chieftains are fairly new to me, modelling wise.


Chal said...

Ha, good thing to start with for the Iran-Iraq War....

Troop of Shewe said...

Has diverted me slightly from the Sinai, but am hoping my Syrians and Egyptians will double for some Iraqis, really keen to get some Iranian irregular human waves modelled! Oh, and I've just received two revel hinds! Anyone have any 1/100 chinooks going spare?

Sean said...

I remember seeing a chieftain on the docks at Umm Qasr in Iraq in 2013. Captured by the Iraqis from Iran during the war then took by the British Army in 2013. Was shipped back to UK as a war trophy not sure where it went too. But it was in a sorry state.

Troop of Shewe said...

These ones won't be to battered as they have a full set of track skirts. I'm hoping the BF ones will have seperate skirts, that way I can really start to get the used "look". I am to have quite a few of both, some interesting armour combinations available for the IIW

Arrigo "the Crazy" said...

I have not grown up in Britain, but the Chieftain is iconic. :)

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