Sunday, 19 October 2014

MT55 part 2 - off to S&S models!

Now on a roll! All the bits are now complete, have managed to make the components flexible enough to depict the bridge either stowed or deployed. Only have two bridge sections at the moment but you should get the idea!

Close up of the deplored front arm. The piston has been made extended so you can cut it down to the housed position. You need three of these.

Close up showing the t55 hull mods, all are placed on at the moment

These are the securing frames that go between the individual bridge sections. The pistons will be duplicated to reflect the two attached to the top of the assembly

Finally all the bits, some will require duplicating. I've done all I can now so I'll deliver it to shaun to see if it can be moulded. I am aware so of the bits may need changing to be able to mold them, but let's hope not too much.

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