Monday, 28 April 2014

Tinkering with.... Universal MkIII AOP

I have just finished a load of 1/56th vehicles, mainly Warlord Display stuff ( best to check out flickr, not had time to flounce them over forums) with a few more in the later stages, which I means I pick up the next batches coming through. In the main I work with one batch at the finishing stage, one batch at the airbrush stage and a few batches in various states of build.

Of the build, I've had some Warlord Bren carriers floating around for a while, so in an effort get them moving I did some work on the AOP version within the set. Some quick and dirty pics attached.  The carriers are all heavily stowed and this one used the last of my of "green stuff" so will put another order in tonight ( have you seen its price these days!!!!)

Anyways, its almost done, am waiting on a ladder and fixings, will add the radio and wiring and of course a wing mirror, oh and some heads for the crew! ( note: crew is the warlord op team, unceremoniously "chopped" and with green stuff legs substituted)

I had planned to do a carrier with the wading plates added, but after seeing Warlords new plastic sprues I think I'll hang on....which reminds me I just have the turret bin to finish on the M4A2 and its off to Warlord for consideration....


rct75001 said...

Beautiful work on the mods.

Can I ask a question with the big tarp at the back - how do you do the straps. Are they laid on later or are the an integral part of the roll which is sculpted in - if that makes sense.

Troop of Shewe said...

in this case they are integral, however, what works well is after putting all your "soft" stowage on, use lead foil to "tie it down", i.e the green stuff is plyable so that the foil straps make a realistic imprint on the stowage. IIRC some recent 20mm shermans show this technique.


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